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Cimpress Technology hiring for Software Engineer

ob Overview: Software Engineer, PR1 (Fullstack) at Cimpress Technology
Company: Cimpress Technology

Company: Software Engineer

Experience: Need Experience 

Location: Mumbai, MH, IN, 400033 



Required Skill Set:
- Hands-on experience in React.Js, Next.js, responsive web design, JavaScript, Typescript.
- Hands-on experience in Gitlab and CI/CD.
- Exposure to AWS stack.
- Exposure to MongoDB.

The Business:
Cimpress Technology is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge software, empowering Cimpress businesses globally to enhance customer service and foster business growth. Their commitment to bringing print and mass customization into the 21st century is reflected in the innovative solutions they provide.

The Domain: Fulfilment
The Fulfilment Domain focuses on enabling fulfillers to manage the production and delivery of a wide range of near-zero defect, mass-customized products. This includes sophisticated manufacturing systems like "Viper" and a versatile MCP manufacturing system called Paperless MIS. The domain also involves integrations with carrier services to facilitate outbound shipping capabilities and provide track/trace information for end customers.

What You Will Do:
As a vital member of the MIS Prometheus Squad, your primary focus will be on the Manufacturing Quality area of the MIS product. This involves developing tools for Process Control, as well as contributing to Quality Engineering and Assurance activities. Additionally, you will play a key role in the ambitious Fulfilment 2.0 project. This project aims to provide industry-leading MIS solutions to all MCP (Mass Customization Platform) businesses.

Role and Responsibilities:
- Hands-on development using React.js, Next.js, and other relevant technologies for creating responsive web designs.
- Utilize your expertise in JavaScript and Typescript to contribute to the development and enhancement of software solutions.
- Actively engage with Gitlab and CI/CD processes to ensure efficient version control and continuous integration.
- Apply your exposure to AWS stack in the development and deployment of software applications.
- Leverage your experience with MongoDB for efficient data management and integration.

Joining Cimpress Technology as a Software Engineer, you will be part of a dynamic team contributing to the evolution of MIS products. Your role in the MIS Prometheus Squad will directly impact Manufacturing Quality, showcasing your skills in Fullstack development. Embrace the opportunity to be a crucial player in the Fulfilment 2.0 project, driving innovation and delivering industry-leading solutions. If you are passionate about cutting-edge technology and software development, this role offers an exciting platform to contribute to Cimpress Technology's mission of bringing mass customization into the future. Apply now and become an integral part of a forward-thinking team.

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