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S&P Global hiring Quality Engineer


Company: S&P Global

Qualifications:- BE/BTech in a relevant field.

Experience Needed:- 1+ years

Location:- Hyderabad, Gurgaon


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Role and Responsibilities:

- Automation and Performance Testing: Develop automation and performance scripts that adhere to organizational standards, building reliable, reusable, and maintainable automated regression suites and test harnesses.
- Tool and Framework Utilization: Leverage tools and frameworks to create high-quality automation and performance scripts that simplify testing scenarios.
- Test Plan and Case Development: Design and develop comprehensive test plans and test cases based on functional and design specifications. Execute these test cases and analyze and report the results to the teams.
- Collaboration with Development Teams: Work in close partnership with development teams to deliver business functionality on time with the required quality, ensuring it meets the acceptance criteria.
- Web, Services/APIs, and Mobile Testing: Focus on creating efficient testing solutions for web applications, services/APIs, databases, and mobile platforms.
- Agile Environment Participation: Engage in internal and cross-team meetings, project scoping, functional reviews, test specifications, and technical reviews for assigned projects within an Agile environment.
- Testing Activities: Actively participate in functional, system, and regression testing activities.
- Quality Assurance Data: Capture and analyze quality assurance data and metrics to provide insights and conclusions.
- Risk Analysis and Estimation: Estimate and perform risk analysis to ensure quality delivery.

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Skills Required:

- Software Testing and Development: At least 1+ years of experience in software testing or development with a strong understanding of testing, coding, and debugging procedures.
- Programming Proficiency: Experience in programming using Python/Java or other languages.
- Automated Testing: Expertise in designing and developing automated tests using tools like Selenium and Appium across various application layers (UI, Service, Data layers) and performing root cause analysis.
- Test Automation Guidance: Ability to identify automatable test cases at different layers (UI, Services, Data layers) and work with developers to build automation/performance-friendly code.
- Framework Extension: Experience in refactoring and extending test automation and performance frameworks as needed.
- Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): Familiarity with working with SOAP and REST services and understanding SOA architecture.
- Source Control Systems: Exposure to distributed source control systems like Git.
- SQL Proficiency: Experience with SQL/PL-SQL, writing SQL queries, stored procedures, and working with RDBMS.
- Test Data Management: Knowledge of test data management and mapping automated test code coverage.
- Test Plan Development: Experience in developing test plans and test cases, engaging in exploratory testing, and creating and maintaining defect reports.
- Performance Testing Tools: Experience with performance testing tools like HP Load Runner, Performance Center, Storm Runner, and JMeter.
- Technical Communication: Ability to explain complex technical issues to both technical and non-technical audiences, with strong communication skills.
- Problem-Solving Skills: Excellent problem-solving, analytical, and technical troubleshooting abilities.
- Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Information Systems, or an equivalent field is preferred.

Eligibility Criteria:

- A BE/BTech degree in a relevant field.
- At least 1+ years of relevant experience in software testing or development.

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