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Warlock Technologies hiring for Python Developer

Company: Warlock Technologies

Job Position:- Python Developer

Experience: Fresher/Experienced



Job Description :

Are you a recent BE graduate in CE or IT? We're looking for candidates with basic knowledge in Postgresql, Linux, Python, XML, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you have a knack for coding, a willingness to learn Python, and an interest in MVC, Web Technologies, and Web services, we want you! This role involves independent work and customization of ERP modules based on requirements.

Desired Skills:
- Basic understanding of Postgresql, Linux, Python, XML, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
- Strong coding skills and an interest in developing applications using Python.
- Knowledge of MVC, Web Technologies, and Web services.
- Eagerness to learn and customize ERP modules.

Job Description (Experienced Odoo Developer):

Are you an experienced Odoo Developer with 0-3 years of experience? We're seeking individuals skilled in Python, with hands-on experience in end-to-end implementation of custom modules in Odoo.

Role and Responsibilities:

As an Odoo Developer, you will be a key player in the implementation and customization of the Odoo ERP system. Your responsibilities include:

1. Module Development:
   - Develop new modules within the Odoo ERP to enhance its functionality.

2. Integration:
   - Integrate third-party systems seamlessly as modules into the Odoo ERP.

3. End-to-End Implementation:
   - Lead the end-to-end implementation of the Odoo ERP system based on specific business requirements.

4. Python Proficiency:
   - Demonstrate strong programming skills in Python, ensuring efficient and effective development.

5. Problem Solving:
   - Utilize excellent problem-solving and debugging skills to address challenges during development.

6. Object-Oriented Programming:
   - Apply a clear understanding of object-oriented programming concepts in module creation and customization.

7. Customization Expertise:
   - Customize existing core modules, adding or removing features as necessary for business needs.

8. Business Logic Implementation:
   - Implement complex business logic both in the backend and frontend of the Odoo ERP system.

9. Odoo UI JS Framework:
   - Advantageous if you have knowledge of the Odoo UI JS framework for enhanced user interface development.

10. Technology Integration:
    - Stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies, incorporating them effectively within the Odoo framework.

11. Domain Knowledge:
    - Possess domain knowledge of Odoo modules, including CRM, Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing, Accounting, Warehouse, Project, Website, and Point of Sale.

Desired Skills:
- Proficient in Python, with strong problem-solving and debugging skills.
- Clear understanding of object-oriented programming concepts.
- Ability to create and customize core modules, add/remove features.
- Capability to implement complex business logic in backend and frontend.
- Advantageous to have knowledge of Odoo UI JS framework.
- Stay updated on the latest trends and technologies, integrating them within Odoo.
- Domain knowledge of Odoo modules (CRM, Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing, Accounting, Warehouse, Project, Website, Point of Sale) is a plus.

Experience: 0-3 years

Location: Gandhinagar (Gujarat)

Job Type: Full-time

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