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permanent solve ads.txt problem

Try To Below Follow Steps 💯 percent Solved your Problem.

Thise Solutions Suggest by Google Adsense Team

Your configuration for the root domain is not correct.

1) You need to delete two A-records with these IPs:
  • Can't edit? Try to disable "Forwarding", GoDaddy team will tell you how
2) Then add 4 A-records provided by Blogger:
  • @ or blank -> A ->
  • @ or blank -> A ->
  • @ or blank -> A ->
  • @ or blank -> A ->
Please follow this guide:
Keep two CNAME records required by Blogger.
3) Wait ~1 hour and refresh your HTTPS settings:
  1. go to your dashboard at
  2. open Settings tab
  3. make sure "Redirect domain" is enabled
  4. scroll down to "HTTPS"
  5. disable "HTTPS availability"
  6. wait 5 minutes and refresh the Settings tab
  7. enable "HTTPS availability" again
  8. wait 15-60 minutes* and refresh the Settings tab
  9. enable "HTTPS redirect" - only if the status is "Available / OK"
  10. then: clear the cache in your browser (if possible, only for your domain name)

Note : If you getting any problem let me know.

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