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Machine Learning EngineerCompany: Zycus | Location: Bangalore

Machine Learning Engineer

Company: Zycus | Location: Bangalore | Exp: 1-9 Years

We are looking for applicants with a strong background in Analytics and Data mining (Web, Social and Big data), Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics, Statistical Modelling and Inferencing, Information Retrieval, Large Scale Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing, Econometrics and Quantitative Marketing, Applied Game Theory and Mechanism Design, Operations Research and Optimization, Human Computer Interaction and Information Visualization. Applicants with a background in other quantitative areas are also encouraged to apply.

Experience in predictive modelling and predictive software development
Skilled in Java, C++, Perl/Python (or similar scripting language)
Experience in using R, Matlab, or any other statistical software
Experience in mentoring junior team members, and guiding them on machine learning and data modelling applications
Strong communication and data presentation skills
Classification (svm, decision tree, random forest, neural network)
Regression (linear, polynomial, logistic, etc)
Classical Optimization(gradient descent, newton raphson, etc)
Graph theory (network analytics)
Heuristic optimisation (genetic algorithm, swarm theory)
Deep learning (lstm, convolutional nn, recurrent nn)

Must Have:
Experience: 1-9 years
The ideal candidate must have proven expertise in Artificial Intelligence (including deep learning algorithms), Machine Learning and/or Natural Language Processing
The candidate must also have expertise in programming traditional machine learning algorithms, algorithm design & usage
Preferred experience with large data sets & distributed computing in Hadoop ecosystem
Fluency with databases

Experience needed:
1-9 years


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