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Customer Software Engineer Intern for 2022 GraduatesCompany: Microsoft | Location: Hyderabad | Exp: Fresher

Customer Software Engineer Intern for 2022 Graduates

Company: Microsoft | Location: Hyderabad | Exp: Fresher

Our team, CSE (Commercial Software Engineering), works side by side with customers to help them tackle their toughest technical problems both in the cloud and on the edge. We meet customers, work in the languages they use, with the open source frameworks they use, on the operating systems they use. We work with enterprises and start-ups across many industries from financial services to manufacturing. Our work covers a broad spectrum of domains including IoT, machine learning, and high scale compute. Our “super power” is that we work closely with both our customers’ engineering teams and Microsoft’s product engineering teams, developing real-world expertise that we use to help our customers grow their business and help Microsoft improve our products and services.
We are very community focused in our work, with one foot in Microsoft and one foot in the open source communities that we help. We make pull requests on open source projects to add support for Microsoft platforms and/or improve existing implementations. We build frameworks and other tools to make it easier for developers to use Microsoft platforms. We source all the ideas for this work by maintaining very deep connections with these communities and the customers and partners that use them.

Skills required:
Pursuing B. Tech degree in Computer Science or related quantitative field (passing out in 2022)
Ability to write clean, well-crafted code with an emphasis on quality, simplicity, durability, and maintainability

Consider customer’s perspective and experiences when implementing solutions.
Demonstrate the ability to deliver tasks on time; also exhibit the ability to adapt to change.
Provide estimates; author validation tests; provide timely issue resolutions.
Ability to demonstrate understanding of algorithms, data structures and other systems architecture factors that affect code quality, performance and customer experience.
Some experience building software outside of the classroom environment like an internship, hackathon, research project or related experience is preferred.

Location – Bangalore
Stipend – INR 80,000/- (Eighty Thousand) per month plus benefits
Internship duration – May – July (8-10 weeks)

Experience needed

Hyderabad, Telangana, India


Job number: 933564

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