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Synops hiring Technical Engineering Intern


Synopsys hiring Technical Engineering Intern

Company: Synopsys

Qualifications: BE/BTech

Experience Needed: Freshers

Location: Bangalore

Exp: 0-2 Years



Job Description:

Synopsys is seeking Technical Engineering Interns for their Bangalore location. As a Technical Engineering Intern, you will work on providing DevOps CI/CD support for the software development team, focusing on on-prem/cloud infrastructure, automation of tasks, process optimization, and configuration management for the global Synopsys R&D teams. Candidates should have good operating system knowledge, excellent programming skills, strong database knowledge, and demonstrated experience in GitHub/GitLab CI/CD, containerization, and cloud exposure. Contribution to open source projects is an added advantage.

Key Responsibilities

- Provide DevOps CI/CD support for software development.

- Automate routine tasks and optimize processes.

- Assist in configuration management for Synopsys R&D teams.

- Work on problems of moderate scope with guidance from senior team members.

- Implement solutions independently after identifying classical approaches.

- Collaborate with managers and other engineers across teams.

Required Skills:

- Automation skills (Perl/Python/Shell scripting/Web development).
- Proficiency in operating systems (Linux and Windows).
- Source code management using Git and Perforce.
- Database knowledge, especially Oracle.

Desired Skills:

- Familiarity with containerization.
- Knowledge of Kubernetes.
- Experience with Ansible.
- Understanding of Artifactory.

Preferred Skills:
- Exposure to Azure or AWS.

Tips to Crack the Interview:

1. Highlight Your Skills: Emphasize your programming skills, operating system knowledge, and database expertise during the interview.

2. Discuss Automation Experience: Be prepared to discuss your experience with automation using languages like Perl, Python, Shell scripting, or web development.

3. Demonstrate Version Control Proficiency: Showcase your proficiency in using Git and Perforce for source code management.

4. Share Your Contributions: If you have contributed to open source projects or have experience with CI/CD, mention it as an advantage.

5. Prepare for Technical Questions: Be ready to answer technical questions related to automation, containerization, and cloud technologies.

Top 10 asking questions for technical suppot at Synopsys

1. Can you explain the importance of DevOps in the software development process?

2. Describe your experience with automation. Which programming languages have you used for automation tasks?

3. How do you handle version control, and what is your preferred tool for source code management?

4. What are the key differences between containerization and virtualization?

5. Have you worked with container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes? Explain your experience.

6. Discuss your knowledge of Ansible and how it is used in configuration management.

7. Can you explain the role of Artifactory in software development and deployment?

8. Share an example of a challenging problem you've solved using automation in a previous role.

9. How do you ensure security and scalability when implementing CI/CD pipelines?

10. Describe your experience with cloud platforms like Azure or AWS and their relevance to DevOps practices.


The Technical Engineering Intern position at Synopsys in Bangalore offers an excellent opportunity for candidates with programming and automation skills. To excel in the interview, emphasize your technical expertise, highlight your relevant experience, and be prepared to answer questions related to DevOps, automation, containerization, and cloud exposure. The top 10 interview questions provided cover a range of topics and will help you prepare effectively for your interview at Synopsys. Good luck!

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