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BetterWorks hiring for Associate Software Engineer

BetterWorks: Associate Software Engineer

Company: BetterWorks

Position: Associate Software Engineer

Experience: 2 Years 



Role and Responsibilities:

As an Associate Software Engineer at BetterWorks, your key responsibilities include:

- Developing Enterprise-Class Analytics and Reporting Systems:
  - Build a sophisticated reporting application crucial for decision-making across all customer segments.
  - Construct complex analytics dashboards, offering profound insights.

- Architecting Scalable Solutions:
  - Implement an architecture designed to scale with the product's growth.

- Code Reliability:
  - Ensure the reliability of your code by incorporating unit tests.

- Collaboration:
  - Coordinate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders to achieve project objectives.

Qualifications and Skills:

- Experience:
  - Approximately 2 years of cumulative developer experience.

- Programming Skills:
  - Proficient in Python, preferably with a web framework like Django.
  - Good understanding of Javascript, with experience in at least one framework like Vue, NestJs.

- API Development:
  - Strong understanding and preferably working experience in building REST APIs.

- Database Knowledge:
  - Understanding of databases, with a preference for knowledge in Postgres.

- Engineering Practices:
  - Adherence to strong engineering practices such as pair programming, test-driven development, and git-flow.

- Methodologies:
  - Experience with Scrum methodologies, and familiarity with remote team collaboration is a plus.

- Analytics Experience:
  - Experience with building analytics is considered an advantageous asset.


Joining BetterWorks as an Associate Software Engineer means immersing yourself in the dynamic realm of developing cutting-edge analytics and reporting systems. With a collaborative approach, commitment to code reliability, and an opportunity to contribute to scalable architecture, this role offers a platform to thrive in a technology-driven environment. If you're passionate about impactful software development and seeking a role where your skills can drive meaningful decision-making, we invite you to be a part of our team at BetterWorks.

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