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Tata Communications Hiring Engineer - Software & Application Development

Tata Communications Hiring Engineer - Software & Application Development

Location: Chennai & Pune

Qualification: Graduation in Computer Science and Engineering or a related field

Experience: Freshers

Salary: ₹6 - 10 LPA 



The primary objective of this role is to contribute to the seamless functioning of the software development, testing, deployment, and debugging process. This includes actively participating in the operational network both internally and externally to meet the company’s objectives.

Operating Network:

Key External Connections:
Collaborate with external stakeholders to gather insights and industry best practices.

Key Internal Collaborations:
Work closely with internal teams to ensure a cohesive and efficient software development process.

Size and Scope of Role:

Financial Scope:
Contribute to the financial success of projects through effective software development and testing.

Direct Reports:
This role may or may not have direct reports, depending on the project requirements.

Team Size:
Be a part of a dynamic team, collaborating with professionals to achieve common goals.

Other Size Parameters:
Engage with projects of varying scopes, adding diversity to your experience.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:
- Graduation in Computer Science and Engineering or a related field.
- 0-4 years of relevant experience.

Other Knowledge/Skills:
- Possess strong programming skills.
- Familiarity with software applications and tools.
- Good knowledge of coding/testing environments.

Key Responsibilities:

Writing Effective Code/Test Cases:
Contribute to the development of scalable and efficient code and test cases.

Debugging and Deploying Applications:
Play a crucial role in identifying and rectifying issues during the deployment phase.

Providing Support for Production Environment:
Offer valuable support to ensure the smooth operation of applications in the production environment.

Preparing Software Development Calendar:
Organize and plan software development activities to meet project deadlines.

Preparing Reports and Dashboards:
Create insightful reports and dashboards highlighting project time deviations and rework time.

Conducting Development Testing:
Perform rigorous development testing and report issues to supervisors.

Identifying and Tracking Bugs:
Proactively identify and track bugs, assess their nature, and execute corrective actions.

Technical Competencies:
Possess in-depth knowledge and skills in software and application development.
Effective communication skills to collaborate with diverse teams and stakeholders.

This is an excellent opportunity to join Tata Communications and contribute to impactful projects in software development.

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