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WS Audiology hiring for Test Automation Engineer

Job Description for Test Automation Engineer at WS Audiology:


Company: WS Audiology

Location: Hyderabad

Qualifications: BE/BTech

Experience Needed: 0- 5+ year 

Official Website: [](


About WS Audiology:

WS Audiology is a global company dedicated to helping people regain their hearing through innovative hearing aids and hearing health services. With a presence in 130 countries and a diverse team of 12,000 colleagues, they are committed to bringing the miracle of hearing back to millions of people worldwide.

Description for Test Automation Engineer:

As a Test Automation Engineer at WS Audiology, you will use your business, technical, and functional knowledge to execute tests and manage defects for medical software products. Your role will involve contributing to testing strategies using QA best practices and methodologies.

What You Will Do:

- Deep knowledge and experience in Software Testing Life Cycle, Methodologies, Test techniques, and levels.
- Excellent knowledge of Agile Methodology.
- Ideally, knowledge in medical product testing.
- Ability to translate business requirements into test cases/test scripts with maximum coverage and organize and prioritize them logically for manual or automated execution.
- Develop test suites/scripts based on the test phase, enhance existing suites/scripts, and execute tests as per the test phase.
- Collect and report quality metrics from test execution.
- Work with developers to design specific testing strategies for features being developed and transfer them into test specifications or automate them.
- Adhere to test schedules and take responsibility for the quality of the product to be delivered.

What You Bring:

- Strong experience with automated Web UI, Desktop, and API test frameworks (e.g. Selenium, Cucumber, Specflow, BDD, C#, TypeScript, JavaScript).
- Experience with Cross-browser testing tools like BrowserStack.
- Good working knowledge of tools such as Azure Test Plans and Azure DevOps to log bugs and test results.
- Good working knowledge of CI/CD tools (Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines, Git, Jenkins).
- Knowledge of Automation Testing of REST API using RestAssured Framework or JMeter.
- Experience in performance/load testing with JMeter.
- Strong knowledge of writing SQL queries, procedures, Database Development tools, and concepts (SQL, Azure Cosmos, etc.).
- Technical depth to create and run test scripts covering various scenarios such as smoke, functional, regression, integration, usability, and performance testing.
- Experience with SAAS application environments will be an added advantage.
- Experience with Agile/Scrum/SAFe development methodologies (preferably in an onshore/offshore model).
- Excellent team collaboration and effective communication skills.
- Ability to work in teams or independently, action-oriented, and possesses a strong drive for results.
- Passionate about testing and curious to explore.
- Detail-oriented with strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Personal Competencies:

- Experience with controlling hardware as part of automated software tests using Arduino-based solutions.
- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a similar technical field of study or equivalent practical experience.
- 3+ years of experience in Test Automation.

Tips to Crack the Interview:

1. Review the job description thoroughly and align your experience and skills with the requirements.
2. Prepare examples of how you've successfully used the mentioned tools and frameworks in your previous roles.
3. Be ready to discuss your experience with Agile methodologies and collaboration in a team.
4. Highlight your ability to design and execute various types of tests.
5. Showcase your passion for testing and your problem-solving skills.
6. Practice common interview questions related to test automation and be prepared to provide specific examples from your career.
7. Research WS Audiology and their products to demonstrate your interest in the company.

The Test Automation Engineer role at WS Audiology offers an exciting opportunity to work in a global company dedicated to improving people's hearing. With the right skills and preparation, you can crack the interview and contribute to their mission of bringing back the miracle of hearing to millions of people.

Top 10 Most Asked Interview Questions for a Test Automation Engineer position at WS Audiology

1. Can you explain your experience with test automation frameworks like Selenium or Cucumber?

2. How do you approach test case design based on business requirements?

3. Have you worked with medical product testing before? If so, please share your experience.

4. Describe your experience with CI/CD tools and their importance in the testing process.

5. What's your approach to performance and load testing, and what tools have you used for it?

6. Can you provide an example of a challenging defect you found and how you handled it?

7. How do you collaborate with developers to create effective testing strategies?

8. What experience do you have with Agile/Scrum development methodologies?

9. Have you used Azure DevOps or Azure Test Plans for logging bugs and test results?

10. Could you share an example of a situation where you had to control hardware as part of automated software tests using Arduino-based solutions?

Prepare well for these questions to increase your chances of a successful interview. Good luck!

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