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Moody's Hiring QA Analyst Automation


Company: Moody's

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related field

Experience Needed: 1-3 years

Location: Bangalore




- Collaborate within an agile team environment to execute software verification activities effectively.
- Contribute to defining the organization’s QA roadmap and participate in building a top-tier QA engineering team.

- Engage in agile practices, striving to enhance processes and adhere to QA best practices.

- Implement and maintain automated test scripts to ensure a continuous testing process.

- Perform manual test cases, including ad-hoc and exploratory testing, when required.

- Document and review testing results in collaboration with developers and product owners, ensuring timely resolution of reported issues.

- Demonstrate expertise in reproducing, analyzing, and identifying root causes for clients’ issues.


- Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related field.

- Proficient in Agile QA testing practices.

- Experience in Cypress with JavaScript/TypeScript, SQL, and API testing.

- Proven track record in various software testing methods such as Regression, Load/Stress, Black/White box testing, and Acceptance testing.

- Ability to thrive in an Agile team environment, manage multiple projects independently, and adapt to changing priorities.

- Strong communication skills to effectively interact with engineers and stakeholders, and present findings.

- Solid database skills.

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This opportunity at Moody's offers an exciting chance to join a dynamic team focused on ensuring the quality and reliability of software products. With a blend of automated and manual testing responsibilities, along with opportunities for collaboration and growth, this role is ideal for individuals seeking to make a significant impact in the QA domain. If you possess the requisite qualifications and a passion for excellence in software testing, we encourage you to apply and become a part of Moody's innovative journey.

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