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Baker Hughes hiring Embedded Software Engineer

Baker Hughes hiring Embedded Software Engineer

Company: Baker Hughes

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree

Experience Needed: Freshers

Location: Mumbai, Pune



Company Overview:

Baker Hughes is a leading energy technology company that provides solutions for energy and industrial customers worldwide.

Job Summary:

Baker Hughes is seeking an Embedded Software Engineer to join their team in Mumbai or Pune. The ideal candidate will have a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or a related engineering discipline. As an Embedded Software Engineer, you will be responsible for working with microcontrollers, developing embedded applications, and engaging in all aspects of project development.

- Work with microcontrollers or Power PC ranging from 32-bit microprocessors to field programmable gate arrays and digital signal processors.
- Develop applications that perform data acquisition, event processing, data management, and communication functions.
- Engage in all aspects of project development ranging from system-level design and requirements analysis through code development and testing.
- Develop embedded designs ranging from high-level application development to low-level hardware device driver.
- Work with the firmware team members in designing CPU/DSP/FPGA based embedded systems.
- Demonstrate skills in object-oriented techniques and associated languages.
- Analyze embedded code to determine the root cause of defects and implement corrective action.
- Develop systems using real-time embedded operating systems (VxWorks, QNX, Linux, etc.).

Required Skills:

- Bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or a related engineering discipline from an accredited university or college.
- Experience in firmware development and real-time data processing and management.
- Sound knowledge and hands-on experience with real-time applications, microcontroller/DSP architecture, and device drivers.
- Experience writing code for an embedded processor.
- Experience using C++.
- Knowledge of microcontroller-based digital circuit design and peripheral interface, and hands-on experience with testing tools like Digital Storage Oscilloscope and DMM.


Join Baker Hughes as an Embedded Software Engineer in Mumbai or Pune, where you will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies, develop innovative solutions, and grow your career in embedded software development. Apply now to be part of our team!

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