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Boeing is hiring for Associate Software Engineer

Job Title: Associate Software Engineer 
Company: Boeing

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or higher 
Experience Needed: 1.5-3 years 
Location: Chennai 



Description for Associate Software Engineer 
Boeing India seeks a Python developer to join their Chennai team, focusing on supporting Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA).

Position Responsibilities: 
- Estimate user stories/features and tasks accurately for Sprint Planning 
- Contribute to Backlog refinement meetings to ensure requirements meet DOR 
- Confirm code and acceptance tests reflect desired functionality with Product Owner 
- Raise and resolve any impediments/risks encountered 
- Update task status and remaining efforts daily 
- Ensure change requests are correctly tracked and communicated 
- Develop working software towards committed Team PI Objectives and Iteration plans 
- Deliver working software with expected quality standards 
- Design for testability and test automation 
- Work on prototyping and evaluate technical feasibility 

Basic Qualifications (Required Skills/Experience): 
- Bachelor’s degree or higher 
- Strong Python programming skills 
- Knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming Languages (Java, C++) 
- Knowledge of PyQt application framework, TCL scripting, PyCharm IDE 
- Good knowledge of Object Database Management System (ODBMS) 
- Knowledge of Web frameworks, preferably Bottle, Python WSGI Application, Pyunit 
- Experience with Web services, JSON Data structures 
- Experience with MongoDB and pymongo 
- Excellent debugging and problem-solving skills 
- Experience in Aerospace domain with System Engineering Knowledge preferred 
- Strong experience in object-oriented programming 
- Flexibility and ability to work with partners from different cultures and time zones 
- Extensive experience collaborating within an Agile team setting 
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills 

Preferred Qualifications (Desired Skills/Experience):

- Bachelor’s degree or higher 

Boeing is seeking a qualified Associate Software Engineer with strong Python skills and a background in Object-Oriented Programming Languages. The ideal candidate will have experience in Aerospace domain with System Engineering Knowledge. The position offers an opportunity to work with a global team in a dynamic environments

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