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American Express hiring Analyst Data Science

American Express hiring Analyst Data Science

Company: American Express

Qualifications: BE/BTech/ME/MTech

Experience Needed: 0-3 years



Key Performance Metrics and Technical Skills:

- AUC/GINI, Precision, Recall


Technical Proficiency:

- Proficient in R, Python, PySpark, SAS, SQL

- Advanced skills in Excel and PowerPoint

Behavioral Skills/Capabilities:

Set the Agenda:

- Strong quantitative skills, demonstrating the ability to lead and perform in-depth analysis.

- Capacity to connect and leverage a broad spectrum of seemingly unstructured data attributes.

Bring Others with You:

- Establishing trusting relationships and a collaborative approach to influencing others positively.

Drives Results:

- Meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to high-quality execution.

- Proven ability to manage multiple projects concurrently within tight deadlines.

Communication Skills:

- Frequent, candid, and clear communication.


- Ability to make quick and effective decisions.


Join our team where performance metrics like AUC/GINI, Precision, and Recall are key indicators of success. We are seeking individuals with a strong command of analytical tools such as R, Python, PySpark, SAS, and SQL. If you possess advanced skills in Excel and PowerPoint, along with behavioral traits like driving results, effective communication, and decisive decision-making, you are invited to contribute to our dynamic and collaborative environment. Apply now to be part of a team that values excellence and innovation.

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