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Remote-OUTCAL hiring for Game Tester (QA All Levels)

Company: OUTCAL

Job Position:- Game Tester (QA All Levels)

Job Locations:- Across India (Remote)

Work Type: Work From Home

Job Description:



Job Responsibilities:

- Generate builds for testing and troubleshoot as needed.

- Develop and execute test plans for new features.

- Collaborate with the development team to address and resolve bugs.

- Report bugs, maintaining effective communication across various departments to update on issues and their status.

- Execute test plans and provide regular reports on testing and QA activities during weekly production meetings.

- Coordinate meetups and external playtesting with administrative support.

- Collaborate with the Producer to analyze and disseminate feedback.

- Plan QA phases for release on different platforms.

- Offer critique and feedback on usability and design.

Skills Required:

- Passion for and proficiency in playing video games.

- Familiarity with project management methods, including Waterfall, Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery.

- Strong understanding of project management and bug-tracking processes.

- Excellent data tracking and analysis skills.

- Ability to self-manage, prioritize, and handle multiple tasks efficiently.

- Familiarity with game engines.


- Competitive salary in the segment.

- Exceptional workplace environment.

- Insurance and Provident Fund benefits.

- Remote work options.

This role combines the excitement of gaming with the strategic aspects of project management, offering a dynamic environment and attractive perks. Join us to be a key player in shaping the gaming experience!

(Note: The eligibility criteria were not specified in the provided content. If you have specific eligibility requirements, please provide them for inclusion.)

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