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Exciting Opportunity for Software Engineer at Teradata

Exciting Opportunity for Software Engineer at Teradata

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Requisition Number: 217800

Job Category: Engineering



About Teradata:

At Teradata, we empower people with better information, believing that they thrive when armed with comprehensive cloud analytics and a data platform for AI. Trusted by the world's top companies, Teradata's platform enriches customer experiences, improves business performance, and integrates data across enterprises.

What You'll Do:

As a Software Engineer, you'll actively participate in designing, coding, testing, and documenting major software component bugs within a standard development process. Your role involves gaining deep skills through reverse engineering, enhancing product knowledge, and contributing to bug fixes and enhancements. Collaboration with multiple team members is key, and responsibilities include triaging reported issues, fixing bugs, and focusing on Critical Security Code Compliance/SNYK Problem Resolution and Frontline Activities.

Who You'll Work With:

Join a team of approximately ten engineers with exceptional coding and debugging skills. Close collaboration within and between groups is essential. This team plays a vital role in reducing defects/bugs in various areas of the Teradata database core, triaging and fixing database frontline activities.


- B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech in Computer Science
- 1.5 to 3 years of experience in Sustaining/Development of medium to large projects.
- Strong experience in programming with C, C++ and Data structures

What You'll Bring:

- Excellent creative, analytical, problem-solving, and strong debugging skills.
- Very strong working knowledge of debuggers like GDB
- Ability to independently devise algorithmic solutions based on complexity and performance considerations.
- RDBMS Knowledge and SQL.
- Good working knowledge of Linux
- Experience or knowledge of the design and construction of database engine software, including SQL.
- Understanding and working with complex parallel software or system programming is an added advantage.
- Team collaboration skills and good software development skills for design specification, coding, and testing.

Why We Think You'll Love Teradata:

Teradata prioritizes a people-first culture, embraces a flexible work model, focuses on well-being, and is an anti-racist company deeply committed to fostering an equitable environment. If you're passionate about being part of a leading company that values diversity, innovation, and personal and professional growth, Teradata is the place for you.

*Apply now and be part of a culture that prioritizes people, innovation, and success!*

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