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Turvo hiring for Software Engineer

Company: Turvo

Role: Associate Software Engineer

Experience: 6 months to 2.5 year

Expected CTC: 10-20 LPA



- Developing distributed and scalable platforms.
- Designing, coding, testing, and debugging applications in a distributed environment.
- Collaborating with designers, architects, and other coders to analyze requirements and explore potential solutions.
- Documenting components and program decisions using collaborative tools like Wiki.
- Testing the product in controlled environments (DEV and QA) before deploying it to the production environment.
- Investigating product issues and bottlenecks, providing reliable solutions.
- Reviewing the current system and proposing improvements through performance testing before production deployment.

- 6 months to 2.5 years of full-time work experience.
- Strong understanding of data structures and algorithms, coupled with effective problem-solving skills.
- Excellent coding skills and a proactive problem-solving approach.
- Comfortable working in an agile environment with minimal supervision.
- Collaborative mindset to work with other engineers, contributing to the advancement of technology and consistently applying best practices.

If you are passionate about developing innovative solutions, have a solid technical foundation, and thrive in an agile collaborative setting, we welcome you to join our dynamic team

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