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HotelHub hiring for Technical Business Analyst

Job Title: Technical Business Analyst 

Company: HotelHub 

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or higher 

Experience Needed: 3+ years 

Location: Bangalore, Goa 



Job Description: 

HotelHub is seeking a skilled Technical Business Analyst to join our dynamic team. In this role, you will play a key part in identifying solutions to business problems through user interface, analytical skills, and business knowledge. You will be responsible for assisting in the design, implementation, support, and enhancement of enterprise, vendor, and in-house developed applications. 


- Assist in identifying potential solutions to business problems through user interface, analytical skills, and business knowledge 

- Coordinate the entire call resolution process from initial call to resolution for supported business system applications or services 

- Document functional requirements, analyze requirements in the context of software and processes, develop and execute test plans, and assist with and document business process improvement efforts 

- Complete content, process, and procedures for technical and functional system work that is low to medium in complexity 

- Gather business requirements and business process flows in designing and preparing new systems/solutions 

- Document and analyze functional requirements, identify gaps and alternative approaches to meet requirements, and ensure all deliverables are completed 

- Define modifications to existing systems to meet internal and external user requirements 

- Provide business knowledge to aid other team members 

- Ensure proper documentation and business justification of all requests 

- Develop a well-defined, shared understanding of the project scope 

- Record problem symptoms and status information in a timely fashion to communicate with and properly utilize senior staff 

- Act as primary focal point for all customer applications 

- Retrieve, use, and understand data from a relational data warehouse to make recommendations to the product team 

- Support call-initiated workflow through IT, logging all customer questions, requests, and problems and track the same through to resolution 


- Relational database knowledge 

- Outstanding analytical problem-solving and decision-making skills 

- Ability to see the big picture of relationships of different technology and systems 

- Ability to use multiple elicitation techniques, listen to business stakeholders and end users 

- Demonstrates creative and innovative thinking by bringing new ideas and improvements forward 

- Advanced Excel, PowerPoint, Word skills 

- Self-starter with excellent time management skills and some flexibility when working in a global environment across all time zones 

- Highly organized and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously, requiring little direct supervision 

- Able to create SQL with minimal direction for data retrieval from a relational database 

- Proven ability to interface and communicate between the business and IT, understanding the business requirements and how to translate them into technical specifications 

- Knowledge of Business Travel standard tools an asset (GDS, OBTs…) 

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills 

Additional Knowledge & Skills: 

- Team player with excellent interpersonal skills 

- Self-motivated and independent learner 

- Ability to handle multiple projects 

- Proven abilities to take initiative and be innovative 

- Analytical mind with a problem-solving aptitude 

- Familiarity with Agile development processes 

- Ability to communicate effectively in English, both written and verbal 

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