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Stack Wealth(YC S21) is hiring for SDE/Senior SDE Full-time role in Backend - NodeJs

Stack Wealth(YC S21) is hiring for SDE/Senior SDE Full-time role in Backend - NodeJs

Software Developer (NodeJs, Min Work Exp 3 years)

•⁠  ⁠Senior software developer(Nodejs, Min Work Exp 6 years



About Stack:
Stack is a Y Combinator-backed startup, on a mission to make smart investing accessible to the new generation of investors in India.
Stack is backed by world-class investors including funds like Y Combinator, Harvard Management, Goodwater Capital, and eminent individuals including Kunal Shah (Cred), and Tanuj Shori (Squareyards).

About the Role:
- Software Developer (NodeJs, Min Backend Exp 3 years)
- Senior software developer(NodeJs, Min Backend Exp 6 years)
 You'll play a critical role in building and maintaining the backbone of our platform. You'll collaborate closely with other engineers to design, develop, and deploy robust backend services that power our user experience. You'll have the opportunity to take ownership of challenging projects and make a real impact on the success of our products.

Location: HSR, Bangalore, KA, India

Responsibilities & Qualifications:
Design, develop, and maintain APIs using NodeJS and 

Express with Typescript and MongoDB for a microservices architecture.
Build and deploy backend services on AWS, utilizing 

ECS, EC2, and Lambdas to ensure scalability and high availability.
Implement unit and integration tests using Jest to ensure code quality and stability.
Leverage Docker and serverless technologies like SST to streamline deployments and infrastructure management.
Collaborate with the Engineering team to identify and implement technical improvements.
Write clean, well-documented code and participate in code reviews.
Stay up-to-date with the latest backend technologies and trends.

Bonus Points:
Experience with other backend languages like Go.
Experience with CI/CD pipelines.
Security knowledge and best practices.

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The Right Attitude:
We're looking for someone who is technically skilled and passionate about their work. We value individuals who are:
Curious and eager to learn: We love people, who always looking for new ways to improve themselves and our platform.
Proactive and problem-solving oriented: We thrive on challenges and encourage independent thinking to find solutions.
Team players: We believe in collaboration and value someone who can work effectively with others to achieve common goals.
Positive and enthusiastic: We have a fun and fast-paced environment, and we want someone who brings positive energy to the team.
If you're an experienced Backend Engineer who loves coding, solving problems, and working in a collaborative environment, we encourage you to apply!

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